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Built in Solutions -  Manufacturer of Built in Furniture and Fitted furniture

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Built by our own highly skilled in-house team, and installed by our own highly skilled fitters. We specialise in creating quality personalised Built In and Fitted Furniture that optimise space in a functional, adaptable and elegant design delivered to a high quality and  within a competitive price.

A free standing bookcase made to a standard size may not be the one that works best for you or the space available.

We design bookcases in different styles, and according to your needs. This means variations of height, width, depth, colour and shape exactly matching your requirements.

  • Alcove bookcases
  • Wall to wall bookcases
  • Hallway bookcases
  • White built in bookshelves
  • Built in corner bookcases
  • Modern Built in bookshelves
  • Built in Bookcase with doors
  • Floor to ceiling bookcase
  • Built in shelves for living rooms
  • Library bookshelves

Types of Built in Bookcase

With many styles of built in bookcases that can either be fitted in to an alcove or along a wall, or perhaps bookshelves with doors that create a great deal of vertical storage in any space that you make available.

A Display cases can be made with adding glass shelves and lighting, lifting a dark corner of a room.

Built in bookshelves in a hall, with a mirror above can add depth and light to a dark space. Is your lounge room crying out for some where to house your TV in a TV Media Unit, bespoke alcove bookcases with adjustable or staggered shelving creates a well balanced space to relax in.

For an extensive book collection, we can build you a fitted home library or built in library wall with areas for display space with lighting, creating an attractive bookcase design .

Your bookshelves can be made in a range of styles, a classical design or perhaps something modern painted in white for a simple clean look or in a wood, such as Oak bookcases for a luxurious feel.

Bespoke Built-in Bookcases fitted wall to wall

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An elegant bookcase over a sofa, with period Victorian moulding and fluted pilasters which compliment the existing decor. This is a beautiful addition to this living room.

Built in bookcase over sofa in lounge

This large Oak library wall fitted around a door, with multi level shelving and lower stepped unit to house LP's, the surface provides a handy place to place your books.

Wall to wall built in bookcase library

Straight run of wall bookcase placed in the middle of the wall with space either end. This five section bookcases built onto a wall, creates a central balanced look drawing your eye to the middle unlike a bookcase with even sections.

built in  full wall bookcase

Built in corner bookcases with TV media area with hidden cables. Created in a modern Contemporary style in Ash wood. Plenty of space for books and areas for use as a bespoke display spacd for photos and ornaments, photographs, art etc etc…

Wall to wall bookcse with TV

Simple built in bookshelves can be customised to match your preferred style, down to the smallest of details.

Extra features can be built to the enhance the bespoke design

  • Adjustable shelving: Not all books are created equal so we offer you a range of adjustable shelving options to accommodate your collection
  • Lighting: For those who want to shine a light on their books, vase or other decorative pieces we can integrate LED lighting. These can be in a specific spot or in every shelf
  • Display units:  Bookcases with glass doors to show some extra attention for their favourite things, glass shelves and special lighting to create the perfect display case.

Extra features for your Custom Bookcases

Bookcase that has been made to go over and around a sofa, a neat way of use space that would have otherwise been wasted in this small living room.

Fitted in to a cottage with low ceilings. The lower bookshelves were made deeper to allow for larger books and the upper bookcase narrower to help keep the space looking less cluttered.

Modern designed contemporary bookshelves with thick chunky shelves and design and made to fit around wood burner.

Built in cube shelving providing a uniform feel to this contemporary designed piece.

Bespoke made wall mounted book shelves made to fit above this sofa.

bespoke wall mounted bookcases

Large set of built in bookcases with stepped deeper bookcase to right creates an interesting feature, and adds depth to what would be a flat design.

modern built in bookshelves in oak Library built into wall Built in library wall  contemporary built in bookshelves

Custom made bookshelves built in to a wide alcove and made to fit perfectly in the space,  

This corner bookcase is completely packed to the brim in a very small home study room.

Another built in corner bookcase, there's a narrow CD rack to the right that steps back to fit the shallow alcove.

Simple alcove bookcase. As the alcove was wide, the bookshelves were made from birch ply to prevent them bowing.

 white built in bookshelves Built in bookcases in alcove in white with strong wide shelves Bookcases built in to a corner in white Built in corner bookcases

Made as a shelf display area, with space for a collection of vinyl in the lower deeper bookcase. A Flap down drinks cabinet with lighting above.

Staggered shelves give this contemporary  bookcase design a great look, feel and a real presence in this room.

Finished in F&B Parma grey. By adding an upper split level to create a feature in these book shelves stops it looking like just another bookcase

These lovely neat fitting bookshelves were made with TV space were made to fit a shallow alcove in a lounge room.

built in bookshelfs with built in lighting built in bookcase with TV in wood custom made floor to ceiling bookcase in a contemporary style Built in bookcases in a kitchen

Floating shelves made to fit on this narrow section of wall. A simple design that shows that you dont need lots for room for good design.

Contemporary designed fitted bookcases with thick chunky Oak shelves.

Study bookcases in white, fitted to this wall,

Fitted oak bookcase fitted in a hallway.

Contemporary modern floating book shelves Built in bookcase wall in oak contemporary Fitted Bookcase with chunky shelves bookshelves built in to a wall
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A bespoke built-in bookcase for your book collection.

Spraying your furniture gives you the best possible finish. We can spray paint your furniture with any of the above paints, or alternatively in an extra hard lacquer to provide a lifetime of use in any range or sheen levels, from eggshell to gloss and is available in any colour.

Finishing is carried out in our workshop prior to each piece been fitted to your home, meaning your furniture will be ready sooner with less disruption.

Quality Finishing of your Furniture

Every piece of fitted furniture that we create for your home is made with the best quality material and professionally finished and installed.

Creating the perfect finish for your furniture is perhaps the most important factor bringing to life your design, as this is what makes the furniture look great, therefore we offer a range of finishes from hand painted with paint from various suppliers for example, Dulux, Farrow & ball, or Little Greene,

What you should look for is a reputable company with good reviews that will make the furniture and complete most of the finishing off site in their workshop where the quality can be controlled and is not dependent on having to finish, pack away and tidy up before time to go home.

By selecting Built in Solutions to fit your alcoves, you will benefit from the following

  • Pre-finished in our workshop before hand
  • Usually only One day required for fitting
  • Professional Accredited by The Furniture Ombudsman
  • Quality Handmade furniture you will be very happy with
  • Dealing with a friendly local company

Houses shift and move a little over time, so generally speaking, the older your home the more likely the walls will be uneven. So in terms of measuring of your bookcases, the width of the wall will be different all around, the same applies for taking measurements at floor level and ceiling level, meaning that you will have to select a company with skilled craftsmen to take account of all this to trim all the panels to fit perfectly.

There are so many on the job carpenters and companies with a wide variation in the quality they provide, typically most 'companies' are on the ‘job carpenters’ that will typically spend the best part of a week to start making your alcove units by cutting up all the material, probably in your beautiful garden, followed by allot of drilling and screwing to assemble the pieces and then sanding, usually in the room the fitted units are to be fitted. After this the bookcases will require painting, which will require 2 coats of primer, and then two coats of paint, oh and not to forget to mention, sanding down between each coat (more rubbing down and sanding of edges if MDF is used) so a good finish can be achieved, allot of disturbance. So probably a good week in total !

Selecting the right company to build your Furniture