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Built by our own highly skilled in-house team, and installed by our own highly skilled fitters. We specialise in creating quality personalised Built In and Fitted Furniture that optimise space in a functional, adaptable and elegant design delivered to a high quality and  within a competitive price.

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Introducing a break front section to your long run of living room Cupboards or shelving can create a relief and a feature in your room.

Breaking up the cupboard length projects depth and stops the Cupboards looking like ‘bank of doors’ like a kitchen.

Try a mixture of following features to further enhance the design.

  • Asymmetrical  shelving: Stagger shelving to create an interesting unique display area
  • Lighting:  These can be in a specific spot in every shelf, or ‘up lighting’ above the furniture
  • Display units:  Create display area for books or a specific item
  • Coloured backs: create contrast colour scheme and make the furniture stand out
  • Mirror backs:  Often used to create more space and to add light in to a dark room or corridor
  • TV space:  Use it as a TV media unit or entertainent center.

Built in Cupboards with Break front design

Large living room fitted cupboards can actually be fitted anywhere there is enough space such as in a dining room.

This furniture can add a strong focal point in any room.

Consider a mix of shelving and display, perhaps a large open section to provide a un-cluttered and un-complicated feel to the furniture.

  • Asymmetrical  shelving: Staggered shelving can create a unique display area that adds interest.
  • Lighting:  This can be in a specific spot, in every shelf, or up lighting above the furniture, lighting up a dark corner making the room look larger and brighter.
  • Display space:  Create a display unit for books and specific ornaments or a picture.
  • Drawers: Themselves a very useful space for storage.
  • Desk area: For an occasional study or work area.

Fitted Living room Units in a straight run

No matter the size of space you have in your living room or lounge for built in Cupboards, we can create beautiful bespoke Fitted living room Cupboards with an individual touch that enhances your living space by creating a fantastic space to relax in.

Fitted Lounge furniture can take the form of a simple built in bookcase, wall mounted units, or in the alcoves with Alcove Cupboards to fit.

Create symmetry with fitted cupboards which can also make the room more cosy, a TV cabinet with a custom built in media centre can be made to fit a long wall with a mixture of shelving for your movie collection, a bookcase, or drawers for a well thought out storage solution.

Built in cupboards we make for your living room are handcrafted and designed with consideration to the items you may display on them. Painted in White or any other colour and with a contrasting back board creates a eye catching piece.

Your furniture can be designed in a range of styles, in classical design or perhaps something traditional with beading and fluting or other ornate features to match. Perhaps consider an unfussy look with simple clean lines for a timeless appeal in your home, complementing your existing decor.

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The break front section help create depth to a long run  of living room furniture Cupboards by creating interest in its design and add a layer of sophistication, finished in F&B Bone paint.

Wall to wall cupboards and shelving in dining room

Made to measure cupboards in a traditional inspired design, this piece adds a statement to any room large enough to house such a grand piece with its carved moulding's and exquisite styling that define this piece.

Very large Victorian style Cupboards with breakfront cabinet

The large mirror backed shelves amplify the space in this lounge creating a statement piece extenuated by the break front cupboards. Clean Streamlined styling with handle less doors and push to open drawers add to the minimal design.

Hallwaycupboard with mirror backing on bookcases

A defining piece that takes up a large proportion of this living room wall unit, incorporating central break front cupboards, however the design is not over imposing or dominating and sits comfortably in this lounge. Painted in F&B Slipper Satin.

Beautiful sitting room cupboards with outer shelving

Created as built in dining room Cupboards, featuring glazed display cupboards with glass shelves and lighting. To keep this unit from becoming overbearing, a open display area was introduced above a Mahogany work top.

Shaker style builti n cupboards with lighting and display cupboards

Looking like a huge bank of drawers in this built in furniture units, some were actually door fronts created in the same style that brings a uniformity to this built in piece.

Staringt run of bespoke cupboards along wll with lots of drawers in shaker style

Contemporary minimalist cupboards with thick contemporary chunky shelves. A very large collection of CD’s were housed in its sleek designed handless drawers. And a space made available in the shelving unit for some original art work.

Contemporary living room fitted cupboard with asymmetrical shelving

Built in to a dining room with low cupboards as not to compete with the soon to be introduced dining table. Open fronted bookcases with central display area gives a light feel to these fitted cupboards painted in F&B Slipper Satin

Fitted living room furniture in shaker style

Created as a combined living room furniture and small study space with a occasional pull out desk. A combination that works well with the glass upper shelves with lighting.

White painted lounge furniture against a blue wall creates creates contrast in this sitting room, a large fitted furniture piece that doesn't dominate with its generous display space.

Display cupboards with glass doors in this living room with space for a TV

fitted cabinets with shelving for your livingroom white painted lounge furniture Large living room storage cabinets with glass display case LLong span of living room cupboards in OAk with upper closed cupboards living room units  break front lower Ornte stule victorian cupboard and shelving with dentl cornice

Large breakfront living room storage cupboards and bookcases create a great deal of storage.

An traditional styled cabinets with ‘Dental cornice’  fits very well in this Georgian manor.

Contemporary oak storage cabinets for your lounge, with closed cupboards for storage.

Classic White painted lounge furniture with space for a TV and a perfect place for displaying treasured photos of loved ones with their uncluttered design style.

Built in Alcove cupboards in modern style

These built in cupboards certainly create the WOW factor in this living room with their inspiring open styling and contrasting backs, and Oak cupboard top.

Built in cupboards with floating shelves and uplighting

Shaker designed cupboards fit neatly in to this space with plenty of bookshelf storage and a space to a hang a picture frame helps define this charming piece.

Nice looking built in cupboards

Built in TV Cupboards Media unit in this living room makes a statement piece with its own TV area that doesn't dwell in to the open bookshelves making a straight forward simple design in Shaker style.

Large built in cupboards and  TV media cupboards

Our featured design, this built in break front cupboard has been beautifully designed to frame the window, adding a touch of class to this otherwise uninspiring wall.

Our most popular Built in Victorian inspired lounge cupboards. They just perfectly fit the space, giving a assured feel to your living room.

These Victorian living room cabinets are based on our most popular design, this piece fits effortlessly under this sloping ceiling.

Cupboards built in Oak featuring a sizeable amount of storage with deep drawers. A glazed cabinet with feature lighting invites you to display your treasured possessions in your living room..

Living room cupboards around a window, with break fornt cupboard beautiful Victorian built in cupboards Ornate style built in cupboards under eves with diaplay space Cabinets in Oak with diaplay cupboards

Made to measure living room unit shaker design with asymmetrical contemporary shelving that shows that shaker doors styles work in most designs

Another grand Victorian designed living room cupboard finished fully with ornate detail including fluted pilasters, a real statement piece.

With exacting proportions and perfect symmetry, this piece displays a design that can be created and admired for years to come.

Pleasantly designed fitted living room furniture, shaker influenced cupboards and bookcases that deliver an open and balanced looking piece that promotes harmony.

Contemporary styled Cupboards with asymmetrical shelving three section bookcases abour builtin cupboards in an alcove Large ornate style vicotrian Built in alcove cupboards Trasitional style living room cupboards with beading

Built in Cupboards with a pull out desk that completely pulls out when you need awork station.  A great feature if your lacking an area to work at.

Completely bespoke made and using the dark contrast tones of F&B Pigeon, we delivered an impressive quality piece of furniture that looks sophisticated.

Designed to house a large TV behind doors, this media cupboard provides plenty of storage, and a way to hide the TV.

Built in cabinets modern shaker TV unit in with a simple clean lined design to house all your audio visual equipment in style with an Oak cupboard top.

Living room cabinets with pullout keyboard tray for a study area MOdern built in TV media unit in shaker design Cupboards ina living room in a vicorian traditional style Lounge cupboards with Tv hideaway cupboard in victorian style
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Built in Cupboards for your Living room

Large Living room Furniture for long walls

Spraying your furniture gives you the best possible finish. We can spray paint your furniture with any of the above paints, or alternatively in an extra hard lacquer to provide a lifetime of use in any range or sheen levels, from eggshell to gloss and is available in any colour.

Finishing is carried out in our workshop prior to each piece been fitted to your home, meaning your furniture will be ready sooner with less disruption.

Quality Finishing of your Furniture

Every piece of fitted furniture that we create for your home is made with the best quality material and professionally finished and installed.

Creating the perfect finish for your furniture is perhaps the most important factor bringing to life your design, as this is what makes the furniture look great, therefore we offer a range of finishes from hand painted with paint from various suppliers for example, Dulux, Farrow & ball, or Little Greene,

What you should look for is a reputable company with good reviews that will make the furniture and complete most of the finishing off site in their workshop where the quality can be controlled and is not dependent on having to finish, pack away and tidy up before time to go home.

By selecting Built in Solutions to fit your alcoves, you will benefit from the following

  • Pre-finished in our workshop before hand
  • Usually only One day required for fitting
  • Professional Accredited by The Furniture Ombudsman
  • Quality Handmade furniture you will be very happy with
  • Dealing with a friendly local company

Houses shift and move a little over time, so generally speaking, the older your home the more likely the walls will be uneven. So in terms of measuring of your bookcases, the width of the wall will be different all around, the same applies for taking measurements at floor level and ceiling level, meaning that you will have to select a company with skilled craftsmen to take account of all this to trim all the panels to fit perfectly.

There are so many on the job carpenters and companies with a wide variation in the quality they provide, typically most 'companies' are on the ‘job carpenters’ that will typically spend the best part of a week to start making your alcove units by cutting up all the material, probably in your beautiful garden, followed by allot of drilling and screwing to assemble the pieces and then sanding, usually in the room the fitted units are to be fitted. After this the Cupboards will require painting, which will require 2 coats of primer, and then two coats of paint, oh and not to forget to mention, sanding down between each coat (more rubbing down and sanding of edges if MDF is used) so a good finish can be achieved, allot of disturbance. So probably a good week in total in your home!

Selecting the right company to build your Furniture