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Built in Solutions -  Manufacturer of Built in Furniture and Fitted furniture

Mill Farm Barn, Lower road, Long Hanborough, Witney,  Oxfordshire,  OX29 8LW,  United Kingdom

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Creating beautiful Built in Furniture for your home in Amersham

Creating custom built in furniture in and around the Amersham, south Bucks district area for any space or area in any style we can make the right furniture piece of furniture for you. Where off the shelf freestanding furniture does not use the available space effectively, fitted furniture can be used to maximise this space and create a beautiful graceful addition to your room.

Having completed many fitted furniture projects in Amersham, Gerrards Cross, and the Chalfonts, we understand design concepts to provide you with a elegant design that fits beautifully within your room. Projects we have made for our clients to include Cabinets and cupboards, Bookcases & libraries, Wardrobes & bedrooms and beautiful functional and flexible fitted home studies,

We are specialists in integrating uncompromising design quality and style. Whether you are after a traditional design, a stylish minimal Contemporary design, or something in between, our designers can tune in to your exact requirements.

Contact us now and start the journey to a fabulous fitted furniture by getting an estimate.

Built in Furniture in Amersham, Gerrards Cross and the Chalfonts by Built in Solutions Get a Free Quote

Built in and Fitted Furniture Specialists in Amersham

We understand that you are looking for quality and value.

Thats why we can make your built in Furniture from a range of materials, and cater to any budget.

Our team covers the whole of the South Bucks District homes and Business that may require a simple bespoke bookcase or something more.

For Buckinghamshire Business Premises including Shops and Retail Premises, Schools and offices, we are able to tailor make bespoke storage solutions, you may require additional  shelf storage, or bespoke cupboards for a odd space. Additionally fitting out offices with bespoke desk solutions can make the best use of an office space.

The service we provide covers the Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chorley Wood,  Gerrards Cross, The Chalfonts.


Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Home Study

Fitted home office furnitureBuilt in Bookcases

Built in Bookcases

Built in Cupboards

Built in Cupboards

Built in Storage Ideas

Where can I create Storage in my Home ?

Custom Alcove Cupboards Built to Your Specification

Custom alcove cupboards are practical but can also become an integral part of your room or, in some cases, the room's focal point. It is not surprising, therefore, that alcove cupboards and alcove bookcases are so popular.

Built in Solutions specialises in custom alcove cupboards. This means everything is made to measure and will fit perfectly in your room. We can supply any style, feature, or colour that you want in order to make your new alcove cupboard perfect. See below for advice to help you decide on a design.

As everything we make is bespoke, your options are limitless. For example, you can make better use of the alcoves either side of the fireplace in your living room, or alcoves anywhere else in the house.

Custom alcove cupboards can give you additional storage, or you can design yours for use as a media or display unit. The wood and colour are up to you, plus you can add any combination of adjustable shelves that you need.

Maximise Your Storage Space with Fitted Cupboards

Fitted cupboards are the ideal solution for both maximising your storage and getting a look that exactly matches the rest of your décor. Your built in cupboard will be custom made for the space in your room.

This means you can choose any type of design you want, from modern and minimalistic to rich and traditional. You can even create designs that become the focal point of your room and that are eye-catching, rather than just functional.

Our fitted cupboards are suitable for any room in your house. Some of the more popular places and uses include as a TV Cabinet in a living room or in hallways where they are used for everything from displaying a bunch of flowers, hanging up coats, or providing a space to stash umbrellas.

We can build fitted cupboards as a bookcase, a display unit, or we can combine both into the one design. They can be wall-mounted as well as designed to fit whatever space you have available, including awkward locations like alcoves.

Get the Living Room You Want with Fitted Living Room Furniture

Fitted living room furniture is the perfect solution for every style of home. Everything we make at Built in Solutions is bespoke so it not only exactly matches the space in your room, it also gives you the functionality you need and the look you want.

In fact, fitted living room furniture such as a display case or a TV cabinet could be one of the most eye-catching features of the room. In addition, it will fit into the room like a glove – almost like the room was designed to accommodate the unit. It will match your décor or colour scheme exactly and can be made from a number of different materials.

You can also decide what you want to do with your new living room furniture and we will customise the design to meet those requirements. For example, maybe you want it to display photos, precious ornaments, or your book collection. You might also want it for storage space to keep things like photo albums, board games, or magazines.

All of these things and more are possible with fitted living room furniture.

Fitted Wardrobes for a Stylish Touch and Maximum Storage

Whether you have a large bedroom or a small one, fitted wardrobes will maximise the space available and optimise the amount of storage you have. In addition, they also look fantastic, fitting in with the rest of the room’s décor and style.

This is because we design and install fitted bedrooms. Your new fitted wardrobes will, therefore, be made to measure in the style and configuration you want. This could be a single wardrobe, a unit to fit in an alcove, or fitted wardrobes to completely furnish a walk-in dressing room.

You can get full-length mirrors if you want as well as any configuration of built-in drawers, shelves, hanging rails, or smooth action pull out trays. In other words, custom wardrobes will give you the perfect space for storing everything from your jewellery collection to your shoes to your coats, belts, and clothes.

In addition, custom wardrobes give you the opportunity to remove existing items of bedroom furniture leaving you with more space and a design you’ll love.

Enhancing Homes with Bespoke Built in Bookcases

We design and make bespoke built in bookcases to fit any alcove or length of wall in your home. This means your search to find the exact size bookshelf is over! We will design one that fits perfectly into your available space, plus we ensure it matches your décor to enhance the room.

Our wall-to-wall bookcases are ideal for showcasing your prize book collection, for example. Built in bookshelves with doors, on the other hand, give you storage space for items you want to keep handy but out of sight.

You can also consider bookcases built into alcoves with glass panels and down lighting. This type of bookcase will lift that dull corner in your room and/or create an ideal space for showcasing decorative ornaments.

Another option you have is to get a built in bookshelf installed with mirrors. This style works perfectly as a decorative statement in locations like small halls as it instantly adds interest and gives the impression of a much larger space. Built in bookcases also let you create a focal point in your lounge where you can display your TV and collection of DVDs.

Get a Handcrafted Built in Library for Your Home

If your current library doesn’t have enough space for your books, doesn’t work properly in the room (because of its size or appearance), or is not practical for any reason, a built in library is the perfect solution. All our fitted home libraries are made to measure in any design you choose.

This means they will meet your exact size, décor, and usage requirements. The shelving, for example, can be arranged exactly how you need it, plus we can add other features such as drawers. Your built in library can also be made in whatever type of wood or colour that will exactly match the rest of the furniture in your room.

In other words, a fitted library will not only be more attractive, it will also be more practical. This applies whether you need an extensive fitted home library or a smaller unit. It also applies regardless of the shape or size of the room – we’ll ensure it fits perfectly and looks fantastic.

Handcrafted Bespoke Home Office Furniture

Home offices and studies often feel cramped and cluttered. This is usually because of an inefficient use of space but there is a practical solution – Bespoke home office furniture. In other words, home office or study furniture designed specifically for your room and your needs.

Whether your children use the room to study or you use it for work purposes, a properly furnished home office will be more enjoyable to be in – your levels of productivity will improve too.

The key to getting the right home office furniture is innovative thinking. This is because the rooms are often small but have significant demands, i.e. you need space to keep a computer, printer, and other devices as well as space to write, store supplies, and keep files. We will take all this into account when coming up with a solution for your room.

This could include a workstation desk, a curved desk, or a desk connected to drawers or a filing cabinet. It could also include bookshelves, cupboards that can either be open or closed, or standalone drawers and filing cabinets.

Whatever your needs, we will come up with a solution, even if you need bespoke home office furniture for a box room or the space under your stairs.

How we make your furniture:

Our furniture is made fully lined with full internal carcass  with the ability to add features such as double hanging and cubby box shelving to wardrobes, pullout shelves or filing systems to cabinets or integrated LED lighting to glass display cabinets or dedicated lighting to study areas and adjustable shelving to..

 Essentially our fitted furniture is custom made free standing furniture which we fit into your home by scribing seamlessly in.

What is Built in and Fitted Furniture?

Conventionally built in furniture was constructed using battens attached to walls, doors were attached and panels were applied to the sides and attached to the frame. The walls and floor would be an integral part of the construction and would be seen when viewed internally. Typically this type of structure created is made by a carpenter, it is cheap to construction but is consequently outdated and inflexible for modern living and demands.

Made to Measure Media and TV Units

At Built in Solutions, we handcraft and fit made to measure media and TV units. As they are bespoke, they fit perfectly into the space in your room and become an integral part of the room’s furniture. You can use whatever type of wood you want or we can paint the media unit in whatever colour you need.

We make both free-standing and fitted TV wall units, so can adapt a solution to the space available and the shape of the room.

We will also make sure you get the features you need. This could be shelves for other media and electrical devices like audio systems or games consoles. It could also be shelving for DVD collections, game collections, books, magazines, photos, speakers, or anything else you need. We can also add light features, glass doors, or glass shelving.

Crucially, we ensure the unit is neat and tidy once your TV and other equipment is installed, with unsightly cables made as invisible as possible.

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